Small Boat Racing

Small boat racing is held each Thursday night from May to September. Check SMSA's webpage for details and sailing instructions. NPSC as a group does not currently participate in the SMSA Thursday Night Race series.

Large Keelboat Racing

Large boat races are held each Wednesday night from May to September on the Patuxent River, and one Saturday each month from May to October on the Chesapeake Bay. Check SMSA's schedule

Frostbite Races are held on Sundays in March and November; check SMSA's schedule. Come out and help us race the Luders Yawls Shearwater, Arctic Tern, Blue Goose, and Stormy Petrel on the Patuxent River.

Special Rules for Frostbite Races:

  • PFDs are required
  • Crew under age 16 are not allowed unless they have extensive sailing/racing experience.

SMSA's Official Race Results (when they get posted)

Crew Signup

The normal sequence of events is that the Race Skipper will open the next race event on the calendar for signup. Racers are selected on a first-reply, first served basis.

Racing is free to anyone who can be at the boat(s) on time as indicated in the Event Calendar.

Governor's Cup

Annually, usually the first weekend of August, the Governor of Maryland sponsors a regatta from Annapolis to St Marys City, the two capitols of Maryland. NPSC always enters at least one yawl and sometimes more, if sufficient crew and racing Skippers are available. The sequence is a normal race signup but for all 3 legs:

  • Transit from the Marina to Annapolis Harbor on Wednesday evening, departing about 8pm and arriving ~8am on Thursday.
  • Actual race beginning approximately 430pm on Friday. Actual race starts vary each year.
  • Transit from St Marys College anchorage back to the Marina on Sunday following the race.

All 3 legs are free and we are always looking for crew as it's a great opportunity for students to get night sailing time on the Chesapeake Bay as part of their qualifications and skills building.